Guests: 10 | Length (ft): 80

€7.857 - 11.143 / day

Guests10 GUESTS Cabins5 CABINS Crew6 CREW

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Length (ft): 80
Cruising Speed: 8
Guests: 10
Crew: 6
Cabins: 5
Fuel Consumption (ltr./hr.): 100
Year of Built: 2021
Flag: Italian
Make: Sunreef Yachts
Daily Rate: €7.857 - 11.143 / $8.407 - 11.923
Original Price in Euros

Summer location

Winter location

S/Y GENNY is a Sunreef 80 available during the summer to cruise the Greek islands! Step on board this exclusive leisure yacht, an ideal yacht for luxurious getaways, charters and transoceanic adventures. The yacht combines both elegance and superior style. Her exterior spaces are beyond imagination.

S/Y GENNY has classy lines and her modern style with a classic edge. With a completely fresh superstructure concept. A vast, central lounging space with a panoramic view which opens both onto the bow terrace and cockpit. The bow benefits from a cozy lounge, well shielded from sun and wind. To the aft, the saloon merges with the generous cockpit extended with a large aft platform.

All the areas combined form a universal, open environment where flexibility and freedom reign.




Price Details
2024 Rates
High Season (15 June - 15 September) EURO 78000/week + all exp
Mid Season (1 May - 14 June & 16 September - 31 October) EURO 70000/week + all exp
Low Season (1 November - 30 April) EURO 55000 + all exp
+ APA 25% + 13% VAT
VAT 6,5% till end of 2024

Free WiFi

If the yacht is chartered from a location other than the home port, the charter is subject to a relocation fee.
Relocation Fees:
Catamarans 80 ft, Motor yachts and power catamarans according to fuel consumption

* Please note due to logistics, charters with embarkation/disembarkation in Santorini will be charged one extra day.

Plus Expenses


Beam: 37.10
Draft: 7.30
Max Speed: 10
Total Cabins: 5
King Cabins: 0
Queen Cabins: 5
Single Cabins: 0
Double Cabins: 0
Twin Cabins: 0
Pullman Cabins: 0
Helipad: No
Jacuzzi: No
AXOPAR 37 for guest service
SUP (2)
SeaΒob (1)
E-Foil (1)
Sea Wings (2)
Electric Aqua Scooter (1)
Wakeboard (1)
Water ski adults (1)
Kayak - 2 pax (1)
Snorkeling gear
Baby life jackets

All particulars are given in good faith and are believed to be correct but cannot be guaranteed.
Air conditioning
WiFi connection on board (unlimited)
32' Samsung TV in each cabin
55' Samsung TV in the saloon
Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hands soap (Ferragamo)
Hairdryers (5)
Iron (1)
Washing machine/ dryer (light laundry)
Bathrobes for each guest
Slippers for each guest
Pillows (3 on each bed)
Laundry service
Filtration System for Purified Water (mineral & sparkling water)

Captain: Giuseppe Marinucci

Meet Captain Giuseppe, the 26-year-old Italian maritime maestro with a remarkable six-year captaincy under his belt. Hailing from Termoli, Italy, Giuseppe's seafaring journey commenced at the family shipyard, evolving from a pilot boat driver in Vasto to roles as sailor, Deck officer, and Master aboard passenger ships and yachts worldwide. Fluent in both Italian and English, Giuseppe is not just a captain; he's a versatile water sports enthusiast, skilled in fishing and diving.
Giuseppe's maritime expertise extends to captaining the 49m sailing yacht OHANA for FRASER in France, Greece, and Italy, showcasing his prowess on a global scale. Subsequently, he commanded the 24m sailing yacht Myra for eight months, exploring the enchanting waters of the Greek Ionian Islands and Cyclades.
Beyond his professional aptitude, Giuseppe's vibrant personality and love for the sea make him a standout figure in the maritime world. With a foundation in a maritime family, diverse experiences, and a passion for the open waters, Captain Giuseppe embodies the spirit of a seasoned mariner, ready to navigate any nautical challenge with finesse and enthusiasm.

Chef: Mattia Vedelago

Mattia, a youthful and skilled chef from Italy, pursued his culinary education at the prestigious ALMA School of Italian Culinary Arts immediately after completing his school education. Since 2010, he has honed his craft in various restaurants across Italy and the UK. With an immense passion for food and cooking, Mattia aspires to enhance his guests' sailing experiences through his exquisite culinary creations. Known for his diligence, reliability, and meticulous attention to detail, he tirelessly strives to ensure his guests' satisfaction through adapting the menu to even the most difficult guest preferences. His culinary repertoire spans international cuisines, each dish crafted to perfection. Mattia's courteous demeanor, team spirit, and thrive for professionalism make him a valued team member. Fluent in Italian and English, with a basic understanding of French, he embodies versatility and dedication in his culinary journey.
Ex-yacht: MYRA

Chief Stewardess: Francesca Rosato

Francesca, a dynamic 35-year-old, underwent a career transformation two years ago, veering from her path as a project manager for international companies. Armed with a degree in Political Science, her heart led her to embrace a complete lifestyle change driven by her deep-seated passion for the sea and hospitality. Hailing from the scenic South of Italy, Francesca is a fervent, ambitious, and industrious individual, fueled by a sincere commitment to ensuring her guests feel genuinely welcomed and at ease on board.
Her linguistic versatility adds an extra layer to her capabilities, as Francesca is fluent in Italian, English, German, and Spanish. This linguistic prowess enhances her ability to connect with a diverse range of guests, showcasing her dedication to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience. With a background in project management and a newfound love for the sea, Francesca brings a unique blend of skills and enthusiasm to create memorable moments for those aboard.

Stewardess: Diana Iaccarino

Originally from Naples, Italy, Diana Iaccarino now resides in Tarifa, Spain, infusing her current home with a blend of Italian charm and Spanish flair. With a background as an officer cadet, Diana is excited to embark on a new journey onboard the catamaran Genny. Motivated by her passion for maritime adventures and a commitment to excellence, she uses her elevated skill set and dedication to enhance the success of Genny. Diana's multicultural background, complemented by her professional experience, makes her a valuable addition to the crew. Fluent in Italian, Spanish, and English, Diana ensures effective communication with a diverse array of guests. She is kind, positive-natured, hard-working and eager to provide the most extraordinary sailing experience to her guests!

Deckhand: Nicolò Ferrazzano

Nicolò, a proficient young mariner, holds a maritime studies degree from l’istituto nautico G. Boccardi in Termoli. With a passion for the sea, he has dedicated his career to the marine industry. Since 2020, he has served as a mooring operator at Porto Turistico in Termoli, managing boat dockings and ensuring their safety. Alongside mooring duties, Nicolò handles small vessel maintenance and winter storage at the marina. With excellent interpersonal skills, he communicates effectively with guests, crew members and owners. He is active, hard-working, professional, and adaptable to any kind of environment. Fluent in Italian, with a good command of English and Spanish, Nicolò brings a diverse linguistic skill set to his role and completes the team on board Genny.

Deckhand/ Engineer: Luigi Ferrazzano

Luigi, hailing from Italy, brings a quiet, calm, and thoughtful professionalism to his role. Renowned for his diligence, Luigi has forged a strong working bond with Captain Giuseppe and the rest of the crew aboard Genny, ensuring the yacht and its equipment maintain peak performance and perfect cleanliness. With a past in the Italian marine military division, Luigi is adapted to working in the sea. As seasoned mechanic, he relishes the challenge of solving technical issues, assist his captain with everyday routines and eagerly complies with his role as the onboard engineer. Luigi is kind and is always around to help his guests with his most contagious smiles!! He speaks Italian and basic English.

Start date: May 09, 2024, End date: May 23, 2024 - Unavailable: Athens to Athens

Start date: Jun 05, 2024, End date: Jun 12, 2024 - Booked: Athens to Corfu*

Start date: Jun 21, 2024, End date: Jun 28, 2024 - Booked: Corfu* to Athens

Start date: Jun 29, 2024, End date: Jul 06, 2024 - Booked: Athens to Athens

Start date: Jul 07, 2024, End date: Jul 14, 2024 - Booked: Athens to Athens

Start date: Jul 15, 2024, End date: Jul 22, 2024 - Booked: Lavrion to Mykonos, Greece

Start date: Jul 25, 2024, End date: Aug 01, 2024 - Booked: Athens to Naxos, Greece

Start date: Aug 03, 2024, End date: Aug 10, 2024 - Booked: Athens to Athens

Start date: Aug 11, 2024, End date: Aug 19, 2024 - Booked: Athens to Athens

Start date: Aug 20, 2024, End date: Aug 29, 2024 - Booked: Athens to Athens

Start date: Aug 31, 2024, End date: Sep 07, 2024 - Booked: Athens to Mykonos, Greece

Start date: Sep 08, 2024, End date: Sep 15, 2024 - Booked: Mykonos, Greece to Athens

Start date: Sep 16, 2024, End date: Sep 23, 2024 - Booked: Athens to Athens

Start date: Sep 15, 2025, End date: Sep 22, 2025 - Booked: Athens to Athens

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