Beautiful beaches, nice little houses and mountains with pine-trees.


Sail with Sailing Paradise, sail greece, sail boat, sailing Poros is a small island and is 35,5 nautical miles from Piraeus. Being one of the most beautiful islands of the Saronic, Poros attracts many tourists every summer. Beautiful beaches, nice little houses and mountains with pine-trees present a brief description of the island. Poros lies just off the east coast of the Argolid peninsula across a narrow strait which opens out at its western and into Neorion Bay enclosed by splendid wooded hills.

A canal divides the island into 2 parts : the major part called Kalavria, is a limestone ridge rising to 390 m - 1279 ft.; the minor is a volcanic islet called Sferia where Poros town, the main port, is reflected in the calm waters of the strait opposite Galatas on the Argolic shore. Its homely character and its verdant countryside (pine, olive and lemon groves) make it an agreeable place to stay or from which to make excursions to the Argolin peninsula : the lemon groves at Lemonodassos and the ruins of Trizinia, Epidauros, Tiryns and Mycenae.

Poros Town
The white cuboid houses with jasmin trailing over the trellises and courtyards, mount the slopes of the promontory towards a blue painted belltower; from the top there is a view of the town, the roadstead and the hills of Troizen (Trizinia). A stroll along the quay opens up a picturesque view of Galatas, the strait and the roadstead where in 1831 Miaoulis' fireships set fire to the frigate Hellas which Kapodistrias wanted to lend to the Russian fleet to punish his rivals from Hydra. In the typical fishermen's district the cafes and tavernas serving fish dishes are decorated with naive paintings. The old arsenal now houses a naval school. The coast road (turn left after crossing the canal) runs westwards to Russian bay, a 19 C. Russian naval station on a lonely site. From Poros island you can make daily excursions to Poseidon Temple (6 C. BC) and Monastery of Zoodohos Pigi.


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Poros Harbor - Offers generally good shelter from the weather. Care must be taken when entering the channel. Make sure you stick close to the side of Poros and not that of the Peloponese as there are shallow patches. There is a large quay located on the North side as well as into the channel. The North side is far more quieter as there are no bars located on that side, but can get rough from the wake of the ferries. Fuel and water are available as well as provisioning. There are several tavernas and bars in town.

Ormos Daskalia – This bay offers good shelter for the prevailing winds. It is also offers a pleasant scenery with its silver green pines surrounding the bay.

Ormos Vidhi – There are several coves surrounding the bay which is located on the North side. The water is a bit murky but it is due to the fresh water river that runs into the bay.

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Neorio, Zoodohos Pigi and Bagonia are only few of the beaches on the island.

The island is suitable for all kinds of water-sports.

Night Life
Bars and restaurants can be found at the beach of Poros.



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