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Unforgetable scenes of natural beauty are created by the harmonic combination of crystal clear waters and ageing pine trees.


A wonderful island, only five miles away from the coast of Peloponese, a favoured location for international scientific seminars, Spetses, possesses a certain mystery of contradiction. Ideal for exploring, wind surfing, swimming, spear fishing, good food, dancing or relaxing away from everything. A marvellous choice for everyone and a surely unforgettable experience.

Sail with Sailing Paradise, sail greece, sail boat, sailing Countless picturesque coves, around the island offer visitors with moments of peace and tranquility. Either by land or sea various forms of transportation, make every part of the island fully accessible. A walk in the forest enables the visitors to experience the unique atmosphere of Spetses. Spetses is an island with great history and the privilege of National recognition for it's vital role during the Greek revolution against the Ottoman Empire. Visitors have the chance to re-live those heroic times, surrounded by remarkable historic sites which are maintained with love and care.

Places To Visit
One should not miss visiting the Museum of Spetses, situated at the mansion of Hadziyiannis Mexis ( one of the wealthiest leading activist of that era ), the main mansion of heroine Laskarina Bouboulina, now private museum and the historical monastery of St. Nicholas, where on April 3, 1821, the locals took the oath "Freedom Or Death" and joined the revolution.

Traditional sites, already missing from other parts of Greece decorate the village of Spetses. The famous Spetses ship-yards with their wooden keels, the mansions of the great captains and admirals from the last century with their own characteristic architecture, the picturesque churches in every neighbourhood which were built after Byzantium Empire, the squares and the alleys with Spetses designs of their pebbled floors, the horse and buggies, and so much more that someone can come across, reveal a way of life different to taht of the city.


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Spetses Old Harbor – You should anchor in the bay with line ashore. If you find room you can tie in the inner harbor. If there are strong NW winds it can become dangerous. There is fuel and water available at the quay provisions are available as well as several tavernas for eating out. Spetses.

New Harbor – The harbor is reserved for caiques, water taxis and the ferries. If you try to tie here most likely you will be asked to leave.

Ormos Zoyioryia – This large bay located on the NW corner is very attractive and an ideal place for a swim. It offers good shelter except from N or NW winds. There is a taverna ashore.

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Beaches of golden brown sand and bright pebbles as well as the numerous natural coves, inside and outside of the village, are there to offer their cool waters. Large or small boats leave everyday from the main harbour (Dapia) taking the more eager visitors to organized beaches around the island such as Xilokeriza, Agii Anargiri, Aghia Paraskevi and Zogeria. For those who prefer swimming closer to the center or further away on their "own" coves, other means of transportation are available or even rentals for the more adventurous.

The island is suitable for all kinds of water-sports.

Night Life
Restaurants, taverns and night clubs is what you can find in Spetses.

Local Festivities
The most important Spetses Festival of religious and historical meaning is "Armata". Early September with weekly events leading to their peak on the 8th., the locals together with thousands of guests celebrate the anniversary of the great Spetses naval battle, one of the most significant fights of the 1821 revolution. At that stage of the revolution, Peloponnese had been freed and the only fortres under Ottoman occupation was Palamidi of Nafplio, which was surrounded from land by D. Ypsilandis army and sea by Bouboulinas fleet. The Ottoman navy in order to break the siege, intended to destroy islands of Spetses and Hydra, the naval bases of the area. On the 8th of September 1822 a fierce naval battle took place and the enemy fleet was defeated to retreat after loosing their flag-ship. Spetses honours every year that courageous victory with a spectacular dramatization which enables the thousands of viewers to re-live some of those heroic moments.



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