Luxury Yacht Charter in Greece


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Luxury Yacht Chartering is the greatest way to enjoy a superb summer vacation, in some of the most beautiful Mediterranean destinations. As a luxury yacht charter needs a great planning before yachting, it is wiser to collect guidelines, to choose the right company. With a great broker, the vacation can be even better, beyond expectation!

1) Request only from a reputable yacht charter broker. A great broker will provide professional information and personalized concierge services during a charter. Request a luxury yacht collection from him and ask for his experience, his membership in professional yacht brokers associations to prove professionalism and attention to your charter requirements. A respective luxury yacht charter broker will find the utmost luxury yachts and the best value for money among a wide collection. Thus comes through experience, expertise in luxury yacht chartering and knowledge.

2) A respectful yacht broker will be familiar with the crew on every yacht proposes, the luxury yacht amenities provided on board and the destinations a yacht will cruise during the luxury yacht charter.

3) With charter vacations, payment is often required months in advance. Your selected broker would provide the payment terms and conditions as per the agreement.

4) Let your broker to prepare the schedule of the charter administration and operations, to inspect the yacht often, to offer the best service satisfying personalized requirements by the Charterer, to control the quality of the provisions on board in coordination with the crew.

With over 30 years experience, we at Alpha Yachting Greece, can suggest the ideal yacht charter for your sailing holidays in Greece & the Mediterranean.

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