Guests: 8 | Length (ft): 87

$7.857 - 7.857 / day

Guests8 GUESTS Cabins4 CABINS Crew4 CREW

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Length (ft): 87
Cruising Speed: 14
Guests: 8
Crew: 4
Cabins: 4
Fuel Consumption (ltr./hr.): 45
Year of Built: 2013
Refit: 2023
Flag: USA
Make: Ferretti
Daily Rate: €7.343 - 7.343 / $7.857 - 7.857
Original Price in Dollars

Summer location
Bahamas, USA - New England, USA - Florida East Coast, USA - North East

Winter location
Bahamas, USA - Florida East Coast, USA - South East

The stunning 26.52m/87' motor yacht, HOYA SAXA by Italian shipyard Ferretti offers luxurious accommodations for 8 guests in 4 staterooms. Offering spacious living areas, expansive outdoor spaces and luxurious amenities, HOYA SAXA is the number one choice for incredible vacations.

1 King; 2 Queen; 1 twin

Price Details
5 night minimum preferred.

Plus Expenses

Beam: 20.5
Draft: 6.5
Max Speed: 31
Total Cabins: 4
King Cabins: 1
Queen Cabins: 2
Single Cabins: 0
Double Cabins: 0
Twin Cabins: 1
Pullman Cabins: 0
Helipad: No
Jacuzzi: Yes

CAPTAIN | Eric Stenson
Eric is a seasoned professional in the world of yachting, having not only worked on but also captained an impressive array of vessels, with his expertise extending to yachts as large as 55 meters. His experience isn’t just limited to navigating the open seas; he possesses an in-depth understanding of various ports and destinations along the US east coast, encompassing popular spots like The Bahamas and The Caribbean.

What sets Eric apart isn’t just his navigational skills; it’s also his personality. Described as outgoing and friendly, Eric has a natural knack for making those around him feel comfortable and welcome. His dedication to providing exceptional service is evident in his commitment to ensuring that every aspect of his guests’ experience is enjoyable and memorable. Moreover, Eric’s leadership extends beyond his guests to his crew. He takes great pride in fostering a positive and motivating work environment, understanding that a happy crew is crucial for delivering top-notch service.

In essence, Eric embodies the perfect blend of expertise, hospitality, and leadership, making him an invaluable asset to any yachting experience. Whether charting a course through the azure waters of the Caribbean or exploring the enchanting ports of the US east coast, Eric’s passion for excellence ensures that every voyage is nothing short of extraordinary.

CHEF | Fernando Gomez
Chef Fernando Gomez has now amassed over 20 years of experience in the culinary industry that he loves. Growing up in the small town of Canelones, Uruguay he started his culinary journey at the early age of 14. He began as an apprentice with the pastry chefs’ at Maxinel, one of the largest and most popular bakeries in Uruguay where he eventually graduated into managing the entire operation.

With an unquenchable desire to continue developing his culinary skills, Chef Fernando went on to master his craft at the Crandon Institute of International Gastronomy. At the Crandon Institute, he was classically trained and learned to perfect his culinary techniques in French, Italian, and Latin cuisines. He later moved to Wilton, Connecticut where he continued to refine his skill set by working for a variety of American restaurants including: Hotel Americano, Rocking Raw Vegan, Sweetgrass Farm to Table, Jack’s Steak House, and Bianco Rosso. His most recent move to Miami has allowed him the opportunity to work with celebrity Chef Brian Aaron at Aaron’s Catering where he learned what it takes to serve high profile clients, such as Chris Bosh and the Kardashians.

His focus is to create an inclusive environment where his menu will provide something for everyone regardless of their lifestyle. Specialties include: a full tapas menu as well as a variety of vegan options. He is continuing his passion for food with great creativity and love for his craft.

FIRST MATE | Michelle Franklin
Michelle’s professional journey is a testament to her passion for adventure and the outdoors. With three years of experience as a First Mate on diverse yachts and over a decade immersed in the outdoor industry, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every voyage.

Having crossed the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean and accumulated over 15,000 nautical miles and 200 nights at sea, Michelle is no stranger to the challenges and rewards of life on the water. Her extensive experience spans across different corners of the globe, providing her with a deep understanding of various sailing conditions and cultures.

What truly sets Michelle apart is her boundless energy and versatility as a crew member. Whether assisting with navigation, sharing insights about marine life, or orchestrating memorable guest experiences, she approaches every task with enthusiasm and dedication. Her commitment to providing outstanding service ensures that each journey is not only safe and enjoyable but also deeply enriching for all onboard.

Michelle’s blend of seafaring expertise, outdoor education background, and vibrant personality make her an indispensable asset to any yacht crew. With her at the helm, guests can expect nothing short of exceptional adventures and unforgettable memories on the high seas.

CHIEF STEWARDESS | Meagan Bilodeau
Meagan’s expertise in the yachting industry is marked by her hands-on experience working on several yachts, with her responsibilities extending to vessels of up to 30 meters in length. However, it’s not just her experience that sets her apart; it’s her unparalleled attention to detail that truly distinguishes her in her field.

With Meagan, no detail is too small to escape her notice. From the immaculate presentation of the yacht to anticipating and fulfilling guests’ needs before they even arise, she ensures that every aspect of the onboard experience is nothing short of perfection. Whether it’s arranging personalized amenities or curating bespoke experiences tailored to individual preferences, Meagan’s dedication to providing a tailored and memorable service shines through in every interaction.

One of Meagan’s passions lies in event planning, where her organizational prowess truly shines. Whether it’s a sunset cocktail party on the deck or an elegant dinner under the stars, Meagan takes charge of every detail, ensuring that each event unfolds seamlessly. Her meticulous planning and coordination skills ensure that everything runs like clockwork, allowing guests to relax and savor every moment of their onboard experience.

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