Guests: 11 | Length (ft): 125

$22.714 - 26.121 / day

Guests11 GUESTS Cabins5 CABINS Crew7 CREW

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Length (ft): 125
Cruising Speed: 16
Guests: 11
Crew: 7
Cabins: 5
Fuel Consumption (ltr./hr.): 100
Year of Built: 2023
Flag: BVI
Make: Azimut
Daily Rate: €21.228 - 24.413 / $22.714 - 26.121
Original Price in Dollars

Summer location

Winter location

2023 Profile

The Master Stateroom boasts a luxurious King-sized suite, accompanied by four guest cabins: one with a Queen-sized bed and three with Twin-sized beds that can be seamlessly converted into Queen-sized beds. Additionally, there is a convenient Pullman berth, perfect for accommodating small children.

Price Details
The yacht does not offer day charters. 4 Night Minimum

72-hour turn around between charters does not include pick up and drop off day.

The high Rate applies to Christmas and New Year's week, rest of the year low rate applies.

Plus Expenses

Beam: 25
Draft: 7
Max Speed: 21
Total Cabins: 5
King Cabins: 1
Queen Cabins: 1
Single Cabins: 0
Double Cabins: 0
Twin Cabins: 3
Pullman Cabins: 1
Helipad: No
Jacuzzi: Yes
38ft Boston Whaler Tender
18ft Williams Jet Drive
3 x Seabob’s
3 x SUP
2 x Knee Boards
1 x Wake Board
Inflatable Mat
Inflatable Donut
Inflatable Sofa
Dumb Bells & Yoga Mats

Kevin Terence Hart
South African
Previous Yachts Captained: 99m M/Y CHRISTINA O (First Officer), 47m M/Y CLAIRE, 62m WHITE RABBIT, 50m ROCKET, 55m M/Y ARCHILLES, 54m MARIDOME, 60m M/Y LIGHT HOLIC, and 50m M/Y LA PELLEGRINA.

Captain Kevin Terence Hart, with 18 years of unwavering commitment to the yachting industry, is a seasoned Master Mariner known for his exemplary seamanship, unblemished safety record, and environmental stewardship. At 57 years old, Captain Hart's passion for the sea began on Mersea Island, along the east coast of England, where his childhood adventures as a sea scouts patrol leader laid the foundation for his lifelong love affair with the ocean.

Kevin's maritime journey commenced in 1992 within the commercial shipping sector, later expanding to include container ships and cruise liners, providing him with diverse experiences and an exceptional understanding of the maritime world. His transition to yachting in 2005 marked the start of a remarkable 11-year tenure as a charter captain, during which he expertly captained an impressive array of vessels, including the iconic 99m M/Y CHRISTINA O, 47m M/Y CLAIRE, 62m WHITE RABBIT, 50m ROCKET, 55m M/Y ARCHILLES, 54m MARIDOME, 60m M/Y LIGHT HOLIC, and 50m M/Y LA PELLEGRINA.

Captain Hart's global voyages have seen him navigate the pristine waters of the Aegean, Adriatic, Baltic, Mediterranean, Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, Florida, The Bahamas, Caribbean, Philippines, and South China. Yet, his thirst for exploration remains insatiable, with dreams of one day venturing into the South Pacific and returning to Antarctica.

In addition to his illustrious maritime career, Kevin is a devoted husband to Mrs. Hart and a proud father of two. His commitment to excellence extends beyond the helm, embodying honesty, determination, diligence, and a tireless work ethic.

Captain Hart's philosophy, "Always keep one hand for the handrail while at sea," reflects his unwavering dedication to safety and his steadfast adherence to the highest standards of professionalism.

Kevin's passions encompass a broad spectrum of interests outside the maritime realm. He thrives on water sports, particularly wakeboarding and scuba diving, where his PADI Advanced Diver certification shines. On land, he is an avid cyclist, cross-fit enthusiast, motorbike and car lover, and a go-kart enthusiast at home. His diverse interests span world events, documentary watching, cinema, and light reading.

Driven by insatiable wanderlust, Captain Hart enjoys travelling the globe, seeking new adventures, and cherishing precious moments with his family. He is equally adept at tackling DIY projects around his home, demonstrating the same precision and dedication that defines his maritime career.

Captain Kevin Terence Hart embodies the essence of an experienced sailor, combining an enduring passion for the sea with an unyielding commitment to safety, excellence, and environmental preservation.

Fabiana Aires
Chief Stewardess
Fabiana Aire, affectionately known as Fabi, is a seasoned professional in the world of luxury yachting, bringing over 7 years of hospitality and maritime expertise to the role of Chief Stewardess on the magnificent M/Y BORA GORA. Her commitment to excellence, passion for service, and dedication to creating unforgettable guest experiences make her an invaluable asset to any superyacht crew.

Before embarking on her career in yachting, Fabi earned her prestigious Law degree from the University of Izabela Hendrix in Brazil. This academic background instilled in her a profound sense of discipline, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, which continue to define her career.

With a genuine desire to continuously expand her knowledge and skills within the superyacht industry, Fabi has undergone extensive training, including cigarettes and cigars, silver service, wine courses, cocktails, and mixology.

In addition to her impeccable service skills and legal background, Fabiana is a polyglot, fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. This linguistic versatility enables her to connect with guests from diverse backgrounds and ensures seamless communication throughout their charter.

Fabiana Aire's impressive yachting career has seen her excel on several prestigious vessels, including 41m M/Y REBECA, 33m M/Y MARIA THERESA, 37m M/Y SINGOLARE, 32m M/Y SEA CORAL.

Mireya Torres Zamora
Second Stewardess
Mireya, a talented and dedicated hospitality professional hailing from Mexico, brings her exceptional skills and unwavering commitment to the role of Second Stewardess on board BORA GORA. With a passion for service and six years in the yachting industry, Mireya consistently strives for excellence to ensure guests enjoy an unforgettable charter.

Mireya's talents shine particularly in housekeeping, bartending, and silver service. Her attention to detail and dedication to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness make her an integral part of the crew, ensuring that the interior of M/Y BORA GORA is always pristine.

Her bartending prowess adds a touch of flair to the onboard experience, with an ability to craft delightful cocktails that cater to guests' unique preferences. Whether it's a classic cocktail or a custom creation, Mireya's mixology skills will surely wow.

Mireya's career in the yachting industry has been marked by her dedication to service and her ability to adapt to a variety of vessels, including 47m M/Y BACCHANAL, 50m M/Y CHIRUNDOS and 32m M/Y BACCHUS.

Mireya's warm and welcoming personality and extensive yachting experience make her an excellent addition to the team onboard BORA GORA. Her dedication to providing guests with exceptional service ensures that every charter aboard this magnificent yacht is an unforgettable one.

She is fluent in both English and Spanish.

William Rietveldt
William Rietveldt, born on April 3rd, 1985, in Venezuela, is a seasoned yacht engineer with an extensive and impressive career in the maritime industry. His professional journey has been marked by his exceptional expertise in ensuring luxurious yachts' seamless operation and maintenance.

Throughout his career, William has managed to work onboard some prestigious yachts, including 110ft M/Y ONYX, 132ft M/Y LOHANKA, 146ft M/Y SWEET CAROLINE, 100ft M/Y CARILOY, and 145ft M/Y HORIZONS II. His meticulous attention to detail, technical acumen, and dedication have earned him a reputation as a top-tier yacht engineer.

In addition to his engineering prowess, William is fluent in English and Spanish, enhancing his ability to work with diverse yacht crews and owners.

Outside the engine room, William is a certified scuba diver, an avid swimmer, and enjoys driving tenders and jet skis, perfectly complementing his affinity for the aquatic world.

Cameron Adderly
First Mate
Cameron Adderly is a Bahamian native who brings an energetic spirit and a strong commitment to excellence to the maritime world. As First Mate, his journey has been marked by a remarkable dedication to his craft and a passion for the sea.

Cameron's previous roles include stints on notable yachts; these experiences have shaped him into a versatile and adept crew member.

In his own words, Cameron aspires to be part of a well-run professional yacht, fulfilling his objective to work as a First Mate and furthering his career within the industry. His unwavering motivation, strong work ethic, and boundless energy make him an invaluable asset onboard BORA GORA.

Beyond the deck, Cameron's life is an embodiment of adventure. His passions include free diving, swimming, and exploring the great outdoors. He is a true wanderer at heart, relishing the opportunity to explore new countries, meet people from diverse backgrounds, and form deep connections with his crew mates.

Cameron Adderly is not just a First Mate; he is a dynamic team player who brings a unique blend of professionalism and zest for life to the BORA GORA Team. His commitment to learning, dedication to his role, and love for exploration make him a standout addition to any crew.

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