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Información sobre el Yate

Eslora (ft): 101
Velocidad: 12
Huéspedes: 25
Tripulación: 5
Cabina: 11
Consumo de Combustible (ltr./hr.): 80
Año de Construcción: 1990
Tarifa al día: €3.500 / $4.025
Precio Original en Euro

Descripción del Yate

luxury yacht rental greece

Motor Sailer Margarita

A family owned beautiful and luxurious motor sailing yacht with excellent sailing behavior. She combines a character and craftsmanship of a traditional Greek sailing yacht with the luxury and safety of a modern yacht. She was built in one of Lefkas shipyards in 1990 and fully renovated in 2001. She provides fine amenities and standards normally associated with luxury yachts. The three large decks and the bridge offer endless relaxation under the Greek sun. She cruises in both Aegean Sea and Ionion islands with flexibility concerning empty run fees (most of cases not applicable, offered by the owners). The three large decks and the bridge offer endless relaxation under the Greek sun. There is also a bar inside the living room and cooking facilities fully equipped to serve guests on board. Seating area is an ample space for relaxing and sunbathing, whilst admiring the enchanting view. The weight and sound proofing quality of the wooden structure the classic design and frequent use of sails make the voyage amazingly stable and quite - a rare boating experience.

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Oficina principal en Grecia:

Avenida Posidonos, 67, 16675, Glifada, Atenas
Tel. +30-210-968-0486 Fax. +30-210-8947650

Sucursal en los EEUU:

5497 Wiles Road, Suite 202 Coconut Creek, FL 33073
Tel. 1-954-234-2203

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